SurroundingsIn and around Grashoek

The forested western part of Grashoek is bordered by the Helena Vaart canal. Since this canal is no longer used for shipping, the area along it is turned into a quiet walking and cycling area . There are a few small nature reserves within walking distance of B&B de Torenvalk.

De Scherliet, the area consists of a few bushes and grasslands with some rare vegetation. It connects to "het Kwakvors".

Het Kwakvors, this natural area consists of some grassland with a large open bird pond. The whole area is surrounded by strips of newly planted forest. The area is about 25 hectares.

't Zinkske consists of an excavated peat plain, covered with heather, young birch and the remnants of an old peat canal . ‘t Zinkske is located on the provincial border of Limburg and North Brabant. ‘t Zinkske is largely fenced in view of grazing sheep.

Beautiful nature reserves like the Mariapeel, Griendtsveen and the visitors centre of national park the Groote Peel are close by as well but not within walking distance.

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